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Keep Your Vehicles in Top Condition with Auto Repairs in Sault Ste. Marie

At Total Tire Sales & Service, we don’t just keep your tires in good condition; we offer auto repairs for clients in Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas. Throughout the life of your car, it will require regular vehicle maintenance and repair. Keep your car in great condition by bringing it to us for all your auto care needs. From regular maintenance to more advanced repairs, we provide vehicle repair work for:

Electrical systems
Oil changes
And more

Complete Auto Repairs

Has your car been making some strange sounds? Or is it giving other signs that something isn’t working quite right? Bring your vehicle to us. Our professionals can diagnose the problem and complete any mechanical repairs, including repairs to exhaust, alignment and more.

Hassle-free Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels aligned by a professional is a great way to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Wheel alignment reduces tire wear and tear, checks steering problems, and improves fuel economy. If you’re facing difficulty with your vehicle’s alignment, speak with us today. We can balance the wheels of your car with the use of quality equipment.

Having Trouble Starting Your Car?

If you have noticed that your vehicle has reduced mileage, bring it to us for complete servicing and repairs.

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